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Once Upon A Time – Who’s Who in Season 7?

Dan Taylor talks who's who for the new season of Once Upon a Time...

Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)

The major recurring villain who’s struggled with his hungry for power since the very beginning. Rumple became the Dark One during the Ogre Wars in order to save his son Baelfire and quash the public opinion that he was a coward. He’s more than been around the block, mentoring Regina and her Wicked Witch of the West half sister Zelena, as well as romancing their mother Cora.

He was instrumental in helping Regina enact the First Dark Curse as well as helping to break it by advising the Charming’s. He murdered his father Pan to stop him from killing Baelfire and enacting the second curse, but it was his life that they were attempting to save that was responsible for the Third Curse cast by Hook and Forth. Ultimately the Dark Curse was enacted by his mother the Dark Fairy! In the new season, he rides to Henry’s side along with Hook and Regina to help stop Lady Termaine.

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