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Dynasty: 5 other 80’s shows that need a Reboot

Before the return of Dynasty on Netflix, Amy Walker presents several other classic 80's shows ripe for the reboot treatment...

Everyone loves the 80’s. From the amazing music to the unforgettable films, the decade is one that is held in high regard for its level of creativity. The 80’s is inspiring new film and television, such as IT and Stranger Things, as well as several television shows from the time being remade, such as shoulder pad loving soap Dynasty, making a return to Netflix this week.

With the return of shows such as Macgyver, Twin Peaks, Miami Vice, and Duck Tales to our screens over the last few years, we ponder what other shows could be ripe for a return…

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  1. This isn’t an 80s show but I would love Jonny quest would be awesome to bring back.

    Maybe gummi bears for a cartoon and then maybe a new wonder years a show set in the 80s.

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