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Dynasty: 5 other 80’s shows that need a Reboot

Before the return of Dynasty on Netflix, Amy Walker presents several other classic 80's shows ripe for the reboot treatment...

Quantum Leap

Okay, so this one is a little bit of a cheat as it only started in 1989, and what I’m proposing isn’t a reboot. But I think that Quantum Leap should come back!

Whilst you could easily remake the show with an entirely new cast and it would work fine, I think that Quantum Leap could come back to television as a continuation of the original show. With the original cast still alive and acting, and the end of the original run remaining open to continuation, a new series could pick up with Dr. Sam Beckett still leaping through time, helping people and setting things right.

Quantum Leap always tried to do new and interesting things, doing the best it could with its budget, but a modern version of the show could push further into the kinds of settings and locations that the original run was unable to do.

What 80’s television shows would you like to see rebooted for a modern audience? What would you like to see the franchise do next? Let us know in comments or on social media.

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  1. This isn’t an 80s show but I would love Jonny quest would be awesome to bring back.

    Maybe gummi bears for a cartoon and then maybe a new wonder years a show set in the 80s.

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