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Hellraiser: Pinhead and other Monsters from Pop Culture

With Pinhead about to terrify cinemas once more, Amy Walker looks at some of the best monsters in pop culture...

Pyramid Head (Silent Hill Series)

Pyramid Head may have not been in the first Silent Hill game, but he’s become so synonymous with the horror franchise since that it’s hard to think of Silent Hill without him.

Several feet tall with a knife bigger than most people and clothing made from human flesh, he’s an incredibly opposing sight, whether in a game or film.

The Thing (The Thing)

The Thing is a shape shifting monstrosity that crashed to earth more than 100,000 years ago and remained dormant in the Antarctic since. After being discovered by a Norwegian scientific expedition the alien began to replicate and absorb all life around it, able to perfectly imitate humans and animals.

It’s not clear what The Thing really is, or what it originally looked like, but its ability to hide in plain sight and to take over anyone makes it an incredibly scary monster.

Xenomorph (Alien Series)

The Xenomorph is one of the deadliest aliens to ever grace cinema. The creatures use other living beings as hosts for their young, with the hosts giving certain physical attributes to the newly born ‘chestbursters’, giving the species huge variety.

What they all share, though, is their acid blood, deadly appendages, and their thirst for killing or impregnating anything in their way.

The Gentlemen (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

The Gentlemen are a group of demons that originate from fairytales. They come to a town, steal everyone’s voices, then search for seven human hearts that they remove from their victims whilst still alive.

With their silver toothed smiles, victorian dress, and the eerie silence that follows them everywhere, they’re some of the scariest villains to ever fight The Slayer.

Bagul (Sinister)

Bagul is an ancient Babylonian god that corrupts the souls of children before feeding on them. Bagul lives inside his own realm, able to move into our world through images of himself.

Being an invincible god that corrupts children into murdering their own families, he’s a force that’s hard to fight against.

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