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Hellraiser: Pinhead and other Monsters from Pop Culture

With Pinhead about to terrify cinemas once more, Amy Walker looks at some of the best monsters in pop culture...

White Walkers (Game of Thrones)

The White Walkers are an ancient race of ice creatures that control an army of the dead and bring an eternal winter that will end all life.

White Walkers have a host of weapons at their command that can kill a man with one blow, can even kill a dragon, and are immune to all weapons but Dragon Glass and the immensely rare Valyrian steel. Winter is here, and the dead come with it.


Slenderman (Various)

Slenderman began life as an internet urban legend before going on to feature in television and video games. The Slenderman is a very tall faceless man in a black suit who seeks out children to kidnap.

Many forms of the Slenderman myth say that he can cause insanity and sickness in people, teleport, and that he can interfere with video and audio recordings. Beware of Slenderman when you visit the forest.

The Borg (Star Trek)

The Borg are a collective of cybernetic beings from the far reaches of the galaxy. Their ultimate goal of perfection leads them on a quest to assimilate all other races and make them Borg. Using their superior technology they conquer entire civilisations, implanting mechanical devices within the inhabitants and stripping them of their personality.

The Borg are the perfect mixture of zombies and robots, one that makes Star Trek a scary galaxy to explore.



Godzilla (Godzilla Series)

No monster list is complete without Godzilla, King of the Monsters. A giant prehistoric creature that slept below the earth until the nuclear age awoke him.

Despite being a monster, Godzilla often fights for the Earth, waging war on creatures that would destroy all life on the planet.

Hellraiser is back in cinemas from Friday. What monsters would you add to this list?

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