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Red Dwarf: Who’s Who in Series 12?

Amy Walker reminds us who's who in the legendary Red Dwarf...

Red Dwarf has just returned for a 12th series, with the crew of the Red Dwarf back to mess up history, fight mutants, and kick some smegheads.

But who are the crew of the Red Dwarf?

Dave Lister (Craig Charles)

Third Technician Dave Lister was the lowest ranking crew member on Red Dwarf before the accident that killed all of the crew, except for Lister, who was in stasis at the time. The last human left alive in the universe, his adventures on Red Dwarf have led him to alternate universes, the distant past, and to become his own father.

Lister is very slobish and lazy, preferring to lounge around on the ship drinking larger and eating vindaloo rather than performing his duties. In recent years he has become focus on finding his lost love Kristine Kochanski, who went missing between seasons.

Arnold Rimmer (Chris Barrie)

Arnold Judas Rimmer was Lister’s supervisor on Red Dwarf before being killed along with the rest of the crew in a radiation leak. After Lister awakes from stasis, Rimmer is brought back as a hologram to keep him company.

Over the years on Red Dwarf, Rimmer has been resurrected by nanobots, met and become a heroic alternate universe version of himself, and has met the biblical figure he shares his middle name with.

Rimmer is a stickler for the rules, and will often enter arguments with Lister. Seen as a coward and a smeghead by the other members of the crew, he has on occasion performed acts of heroism.

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