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Red Dwarf: Who’s Who in Series 12?

Amy Walker reminds us who's who in the legendary Red Dwarf...

Holly (Norman Lovett)

Holly is the artificial intelligence on board the Red Dwarf with an IQ of 6000, the same as 6000 PE teachers.

Unfortunately, after 3 million years alone his IQ degraded to just 68. Able to depict itself as either male or female, Holly has assisted the crew with their adventures over the years, though occasionally causing several of their problems too.

Kristine Kochanski (Chloe Annett)

Kochanski was the navigational officer on the Red Dwarf, but was killed along with the rest of the crew. Years later, the crew of the Red Dwarf interacted with a parallel universe in which Kochanski survived the destruction of the original crew. This Kochanski ended up joining the crew on their adventures.

Despite initially struggling to fit in with the crew, Kochanski eventually became a valued member of the group. Between seasons, Kochanski left the Red Dwarf to travel on her own. Her whereabouts are currently unknown, but Lister is determined to find her again one day.

Red Dwarf XII is now airing every Friday on Dave. Who’s your favourite character?

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