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Legends of Tomorrow – Who’s Who in Season 3?

#LegendsOfTomorrow is about to return, but who's who in the third season?

It’s a hell of a week for the Arrowverse! First Supergirl returns, then The Flash, followed by Arrow, and now arguably for its third season, the most complicated of all the tie-in shows, Legends of Tomorrow.

Balancing superheroics with blockbuster action (for television, anyway) and more than a liberal splashing of time travel, it’s one of the shows where a primer is pretty handy, so here’s a reminder of who’s who on Legends of Tomorrow

Sara Lance/White Canary (Caity Lotz)

Sara Lance is the daughter of Quentin Lance, younger sister of Laurel Lance (Black Canary), and former lover of Oliver Queen (the Green Arrow). After appearing to die on the island of Lian Yu, Sara was taken in by the League of Assassins and trained to become a killer.

After her death and revival she felt lost and unsure of what her role in the world should be. Joining Rip Hunter and the Legends on their quest through time, she went on to prove that she was a strong and competent leader, becoming the captain of the Waverider and head of the team.

Ray Palmer/The Atom (Brandon Routh)

The former CEO of Palmer Tech, Ray is a genius engineer and inventor, managing to create the Atom Suit, a set of high tech armour that is capable of flight, energy blasts, and size alteration; enabling him to shrink or grow to whatever size he wants.

Ever positive and eager to do the right thing, Ray is often the first member of the Legends to put himself forward to protect the innocent and out himself in harm’s way to restore history.

Mick Rory/Heatwave (Dominic Purcell)

A pyromaniac and former criminal, Mick became part of the Legends team when Rip Hunter recruited his partner Leonard Snart (Captain Cold). When Mick and Snart fell out over their role on the team, Snart having come to want to be a hero and Mick still wishing to remain a criminal, Snart marooned him in a distant time period.

After being captured by the Time Masters and brainwashed into becoming the temporal bounty hunter Chronos, Mick fought free of his programming and rejoined the team. Following the death of Snart, Mick came to genuinely care about his teammates and their mission, honouring his friends desire to do the right thing.

Though he is often moody and quick to violence, Mick has proved that he has become a true hero, even fighting alongside such heroes as Supergirl and The Flash to save Earth from an alien invasion.

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