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Legends of Tomorrow – Who’s Who in Season 3?

#LegendsOfTomorrow is about to return, but who's who in the third season?

Martin Stein/Firestorm (Victor Garber)

A physicist who created the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. matrix, Martin was hit with the energy released by the particle accelerator explosion in Central City and became one half of the nuclear fueled hero Firestorm. When his original Firestorm partner Ronnie Raymond died saving the world, Stein would go on to merge with Jefferson ‘Jax’ Jackson.

Originally forcing Jax onto the Waverider in order to travel through time, Martin and Jax have gone on to become as close as family, enjoying their time together as a superhero. During their adventures through time Stein has interacted with his younger self on more than one occasion, resulting in him having a daughter, Lilly, that didn’t exist before he became a Legend.

Jefferson ‘Jax’ Jackson/Firestorm (Franz Drameh)

Following the death of Ronnie Raymond, Jax was approached by The Flash to merge with Professor Stein to become half of the superhero Firestorm. After joining with Stein in order to save his life he became a reluctant hero, even going on to being tricked onto the Waverider by Stein, who wanted to travel through time.

During his time on the ship Jax discovered his love of being a hero, as well as becoming the ship’s mechanic. Learning much about himself during his exploits through time, Jax and Stein have become as close as family, and has come to care for the rest of the team very deeply.

Nate Heywood/Steel (Nick Zemo)

A historian specialising in deductive historical reconstruction, Nate came to the rescue of the Legends when they were lost throughout the timestream. After saving the Legends, Nate joined the team to help them track down their latest foe.

The grandson of Henry Haywood, Citizen Steel of the Justice Society of America, Nate wanted desperately to become a hero, but was unable to due to his hemphillia putting his life at risk. After being exposed to a serum that unlocked his meta-gene, however, Nate gained the ability to turn into living metal and took on the identity of Steel.

Whilst on board the Waverider, Nate eventually entered into a relationship with Amaya Jiwe, Vixen.

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