Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #3 – Comic Review

‘In the otherdimensional Mirror Universe, there is no United Federation of Planets, only a Terran Empire, where advancement comes through assassination, brutality is commonplace and kindness is a weakness. The Terran Empire is on its last legs in its war with the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, but Captain Jean-Luc Picard has learned of a final chance for victory: a revolutionary new Galaxy-class starship that could turn the tide of war. The ship is called Enterprise, and Jean-Luc Picard intends to take it. Having assembled a crew of co-conspirators, including the Enterprise’s first officer, William T. Riker, Picard puts into motion his master plan to claim the ultimate prize: a warship that could tame the galaxy.’

After plotting and planning for the first two issues, Picard and his renegade crew finally put their plan into place to steal the Terran Empire’s greatest starship, the ISS Enterprise-D.

The Enterprise is finally ready to be unleashed upon the galaxy, and Captain Jellico arrives on the ship to rule with an iron fist and evil temperament, having one of his crew dragged off to be tortured simply for not having a pressed uniform within minutes of being on board.

Thanks to the majority of the Enterprise crew already hating their captain it becomes easy for Riker and Brehms to turn many of those on board against Jellico, making way for Picard and his assault force to board the ship and take over.

The assault on the Enterprise is short but brutal, with Picard and his crew willingly killing anyone who stands in their way. Data in particular is a frightening image during this assault, with huge laser cutters strapped on his arms and an eyepiece that looks like that which belonged to the Borg Hugh, he looks like a Borg version of Data, walking the halls of the Enterprise, killing anyone who goes against him.

The Enterprise itself is beautiful, with a unique redesign that has transformed it from an exploration vessel to a battleship, complete with a huge cannon beneath the saucer section and a third warp nacelle. The ship also has a design painted upon the saucer section that’s partly reminiscent of the dagger hilt of the Terran Empire logo, yet also like some kind of sleek predatory bird that really sets it apart from its regular universe counterpart.

This issue also introduces us to the mirror universe versions of Beverley and Wesley Crusher. It still seems too early to know just how Beverly differs from her regular self, but this universe’s Wesley is instantly different, with a manic, crazed appearance, and a calculating evil that’s almost chilling.

After two issues of build up it’s nice to see the book kick things up a gear, to see how vastly different these versions of our heroes are, and how brutal the action can be. Now that we’ve seen what these characters are capable of, and just how good the action can be, it sets the stage for what may be a very exciting and brutal series to come.

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