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Star Wars: Battle of the Characters Tournament – Semi Finals

Baz Greenland pits five major characters against each other to decide the two heading through to the final of our Star Wars character top trumps...

We’re down to the top five characters now. It should have been four, but the first battle between Darth Vader and Princess Leia ended in a stalemate, meaning our first semifinal is a threeway battle between some huge Star Wars character heavyweights. Joining them are Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Yoda, proving that our hearts are still with the lead characters in the original trilogy.

Here’s how the semifinals played out…

Battle 1: Darth Vader vs Han Solo vs Yoda

A Dark Lord of the Sith, a smuggler and a Jedi Master walk into a bar…and all hell breaks loose. Yoda is surprised to see his enemy so brazenly sitting at the bar of his favourite watering hole, mostly because he can’t fathom how Vader can drink a beer through his mask… while Han skulks quietly in the corner, getting the patrons to safety, Vader and Yoda fight, beer glasses flying, lightsabers duelling until Vader quietly cuts down the little Jedi and turns to face his next opponent.

Realising the fight is going bad, Han Solo gets in a few shots but the laser blasts are soon deflected by Vader’s hand. The smuggler realises that he’s not going to win the fight the traditional way and tries something rather brazen. He charges at a surprised Vader and straps a small bomb to the Dark Lord’s chest plate.

Han makes his escape just in time as a surprised Vader is destroyed and Han Solo charges into the final with 53% of the vote, against Vader’s 41% and Yoda’s 6%…

Battle 2: Luke Skywalker vs Princess Leia

The two siblings face off in the second semifinal, heroes of the Rebellion both and Galactic champions. Both are evenly matched with a good blaster, but this battle isn’t about skills in battle but a battle of the mind.

Leia has the superior strength when it comes to leadership; Luke spends too much time skulking off on his own adventures and hasn’t had a decent command since the Battle of Hoth. But the one edge he does has is with his Jedi abilities; Leia might have latent Force skills but she hasn’t trained to use them and Luke calmly convinces her to step aside and walks into the final with 80% of the vote.

And now the stage is set for the final; Han Solo vs Luke Skywalker. We’ll be back with the final battle soon…

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