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Mayans M.C. 1×08 – ‘Rata/Ch’o’ – Review

After last weeks episode and the swoop on Galindo’s home courtesy of the slightly freaky-deaky Agent Potter, it’s now all about deals and betrayal in Mayans M.C. and what Potter and co can get out of Miguel and Emily and also what Potter can convince them to do for him and the DEA and/or the DOJ – assuming that’s who he works for.

It’s never seems totally clear which one) and it seems that Potter is offering some sort of working relationship between them and Miguel, an intent being to take down Adelita’s rebel group or “terrorists” as Potter describes them. Obviously, as Miguel spoke to Adelita in the previous episode about a deal it would be a big betrayal on his part and as we’ve already seen, Adelita isn’t one to be messed about so something like this could shake up the Galindo empire even more depending on where Miguel goes. Either way seems pretty damaging at this point.

Meanwhile, in order to tie up the deal Emily is put in the position of seemingly having to choose between betraying her husband or losing her son. Potter seems to be walking a line between genius and lunacy here, the constantly chilly (always has his coat on) and eccentric agent must be aware that these risky deals with risky people are dangerous but that’s what he’s there for; the possibility of an entertaining and dramatic fall from grace.

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Talking of falls from grace. Or possible eventual ones anyway, it seems Angel’s rat out of a fellow club member to protect his own skin has gone his way. For now, but his reputation has taken a bit of a hit and how long will be until words spread about his loyalty issues? But on the opposite side of that, the actually loyal EZ has to help Coco clear up after his quick killing of his mother in last weeks episode as payback for the beating that she gave Leti (or didn’t, as it turned out) and in a strangely touching moment as EZ and Coco share a joint over Coco’s mother’s dead body in the kitchen, Coco assures EZ that mistakes aren’t mistakes as they lead you to where you are now.

All the things that EZ has struggled with; the murder of his mother and a potential future with Emily before he went to prison do not matter in the here and now as he wouldn’t be with the club if those things didn’t happen. Maybe not the best setting for some sort of divine intervention and Coco’s delivery isn’t exactly that of a calm, wise preacher but his words still ring true and the scene itself, darkly humorous and interesting to watch.

That type of feel lends itself slightly to Felipe’s visit to confession where it turns out the Bishop was an old friend of Felipe’s and not only that, he was the man responsible for ratting out their former partner in crime which led to him and his family getting slaughtered at the hands of the cartel. Now with the hints of Felipe’s brutal past and his gun collection at his shop, you’d be forgiven for thinking Felipe is there for violent revenge but instead Felipe warns the Bishop about Adelita, who happens to be the daughter of the family that the Bishop got massacred, and leaves. Of course, Felipe has really pissed on the Bishops chips here but the Bishop has some deadly connections (obviously given his past) and this could put Felipe, the Reyes family and particularly Adelita, in big danger.

So, a very testing day for all of our main guys but by the end of the episode it’s EZ and Angel that get in the deepest of deep shit as their attempt to dispose of Coco’s mother’s body in the trunk of a car ends up in a police stop and search and an enthusiastic rookie’s decision to open said trunk looks like it’s going to lead to big trouble for the Reyes brothers.

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Not the most exciting of episodes, it has to be said but at same time all the betrayal and testing of loyalties is very Shakespearean and makes for some great drama. Sarah Bolger’s Emily and Danny Pino’s Miguel putting in outstanding performances. Miguel Galindo coming across as a thoughtful and intelligent character with a dark side and a big past. Danny Pino plays him with a knowing power; almost scarily calm on the outside but dark and brutal underneath, which we have seen glimpses of throughout the series. A compelling and interesting series villain instead of a hammy, over the top one that he could have been.

Although not a great episode compared to some of the others, ones like this are needed to balance everything out and prepare you for the final episodes and in that respect, this one worked a treat.

Mayans M.C. is on BBC 2 Saturdays at 10.30pm. The entire first season is available to view on BBC iPlayer now.

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