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Mayans M.C. 1×09 – ‘Serpiente/Chikchan’ – Review

With the first season of Mayans M.C. drawing to a close, it’s obvious now that this season has mostly been about the discovery of rats, traitors and loyalty in and around the Southern Californian biker crew.

And as much as it looked like this opening season would focus on the fresh out of jail Mayans prospect, EZ, and his trials and tribulations while trying to make a name for himself as he becomes a fully fledged member of the M.C. it has actually belonged to the Galindo cartel. Which makes sense as they have become the feared middle point between the Mayans and Adelita’s rebel group by this point, Miguel looking towards running his empire the way he wants and wife Emily, former girlfriend of EZ, becoming a more prominent part of that.

In a meeting between the Galindo’s and the Mayans, Miguel not only has Emily present in quite an important role as she seems to have become Miguel’s adviser/PA (something that Miguel has been advised against, family/cartel tradition and all) but he also lets EZ sit in on the meeting. Not normal practice for a prospect but Miguel knows of EZ’s feelings for Emily so this could be seen as a show of one-upmanship for Miguel. Not that it’s hugely important, more of just a further show of authority from Miguel, another silent warning perhaps, and it also shows how dedicated Emily has become to the cartel’s cause.

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The meeting itself is an eventful one for the Mayans as Galindo discusses his deal with Adelita and then brings in the lady herself to cement these plans and express her feelings on the matter. After some initial resistance/confusion from Bishop, once everything is explained everyone is on board and it looks like a deal has been struck that will keep all parties happy. For now, at least, as we’ve learnt there’s always some sort of spanner thrown into the works and the spanner in question this time looks to be agent Potter.

As we saw at the end of the previous episode, EZ and Angel were arrested after the discovery of a dead body in the trunk of a car (Coco’s mother) This gives Potter the perfect opportunity to manipulate and get the brothers to do some dirty work for him or he’ll make sure everything that’s happened regarding ratting out, EZ’s intel to the feds and basically anything Potter can think of, gets back to the club. It’s all too much for Angel who is angry at EZ for betraying them but after a talk with his dad.

Felipe, he swallows some pride and accepts his fate. Angel not being the most completely honest and trust-worthy person himself. So now Potter has the Reyes brothers in his pocket, the eccentric agent will surely be doing all he can to make life difficult for them with some bigger plan in mind regarding the Mayans and in particular, the Galindo cartel. But for now, Potter puts out a hit on agent Jimenez for them to take care of due to Jimenez threatening behaviour in the last couple of episodes unnerving Potter. A sinister start for what is surely a dangerous list of jobs for EZ and Angel.

The big reveal of the episode involved Devante, who had been lying to Galindo about the death of Miguel’s brother. Devante had been telling Miguel his brother had died after being killed by  rivals of the cartel, Not only that, he was the one that led the execution on Adelita’s family. Of course, after such a betrayal it’s inevitable what has to happen. Especially with Adelita teaming up with Galindo and her revenge is sharp and sweet. As is the rebel groups on the bishop also involved in the execution that Felipe tried to warn in the previous episode. These obstacles now out of the way, could this union prove a fruitful one from now on?

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With a few loose ends tied up and new trouble for the Reyes in this episode, the final episode should be a tense one. With a few things still unsolved – the killer of EZ’s mother being a prominent one. Will they be revealed? It’ll be interesting to see how, even if, these things get wrapped up by the end of season one and how that will bleed into season two. But as far as episode nine goes, it was certainly an entertaining journey with revelations that left you wanting more.

Mayans M.C. is available to view on BBC iPlayer now.

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