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Mayans M.C. 1×10 – ‘Cuervo/Tz’ikb’uul’ – Review

The season finale of the biker drama Mayans M.C. is here and it turned out to be pretty much what you’d want and expect really as that simmering tension that has been there throughout boils over with plenty of drama, tension and surprises that might leave you somewhat breathless and excite you even more for the upcoming second season.

In the previous episode, where we saw Potter turn the Reyes brothers into his playthings, pretty much, blackmailing them to do his dirty work for him while at the same time revealing that EZ has been supplying intel to the feds on the Galindo’s, As much as he could anyway. A previously unaware Angel flew off the deep end at his brother, accusing him of betrayal but calms down eventually after a talk with Felipe, who knew of EZ’s apparent betrayal.

But as the aforementioned dirty work for Potter includes a hit on agent Jimenez, Angel realises they are in it together and he needs to stand by his brother and despite telling him to hand in his cut, leave the M.C. and move away, Angel, despite all of his lies, ratting on club members and general sociopathic tendencies throughout the show has always protected and advised his brother so his anger was understandable really and a scene in which we see how angry Angel is at EZ is quite brutal but also heart breaking at the same time. Great performances from both actors here. Especially Clayton Cardenas’ Angel. Looking back, his journey throughout a high point of a strong first season.

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But back to business and yes, the Reyes brothers do indeed take care of Jimenez, along with another agent who happens to be in the firing line and EZ and Angel are back to their old favourite game of dead body disposal but this doesn’t really bother Potter who assures them that it’ll be taken care of and also assures a nervous EZ that his dodgy record will be expunged. But Angel also says that this will be the last time that they do this together and EZ has the make the decision but he realises this is his life now and nothing can change it. Angel shouldn’t be expected to step in whenever there’s a sign of trouble and just because EZ had a promising looking future growing up, it doesn’t mean that this would be the case now. Life is hard and things change and this is where EZ has ended up and in a tense but meaningful talk, EZ gets Angel to see that.

Meanwhile at the Galindo’s, it seems Emily has settled into her role as Miguel’s advisor/PA as well as loving and dedicated wife. Her Queen to his King. Emily has really thrown herself into this role and her commitment to Miguel, her son and the Galindo cartel and it’s survival now clear for all to see. How she’ll cope with Adelita, an already well established, powerful woman working alongside the Galindo’s remains to be seen. And with Alvarez also seemingly switching over from the Mayans to the Galindo’s in order to replace former counsel, Devante, another powerful presence within the cartel could really shake things up. Not only that, it could affect the relationship between the Mayans and the Galindo’s. Alvarez has been at the top of the Mayans M.C. for a long time, a lot of what happens at the club has gone through him, this change could affect Bishop as club president and the way the club is run. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this progresses in the second season.

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But the main event and the big moment of this episode would be the reveal of EZ’s mother’s killer. Is it someone close to the club or the Reyes family? An unknown but with connections to the Reyes? Or would we even find out at all? Well we do and although it’s a familiar face it’s almost an anti-climax considering all the flashbacks of the murder scene, EZ accidently shooting a cop chasing the murderer and flashes of the killer in a black hoodie and the familiarity to EZ of the killers car. So…





…when it turns out to be Happy (David Labrava) from the Sons of Anarchy it’s more ‘WTF’ than ‘OMG’. Initially, as a SOA fan it’s always nice to see characters mingle with the Mayans and a bond between them has always been there (indeed, the reveal happens at a party between the biker crews) but it seems a little random at this point. Sure, we know Happy was always violence… happy and it was quite well done as EZ stumbles across him at the party but this? Well there must be some big reason behind it all and hopefully this gets expanded on in greater detail in season two. Which surely it will as this is a twist we’ve been waiting for and of course, continues EZ’s journey.

That slight disappointment aside, the future looks bright for Mayans M.C. The first season had enough good, clever writing and decent characters and actors putting in great performances to make it memorable. Add in the occasional shoot-out, fist fight, brutal death and the inevitable twists and turns and the tension, drama and excitement that that brings, this could be the start of a strong series and something for viewers to really get their teeth into. Sons of Anarchy fans and newcomers alike.

Mayans M.C. is available to view on BBC iPlayer now.

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