Sonic the Hedgehog #15 – Review

Considering Amy Rose was the main side character of the second issue of IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog, she’s had a bit of backseat in terms of development over the past year. Flynn’s characterisation of her stood out to be resourceful and the brains behind the resistance against Eggman. But in terms of having something key to do, it’s taken until the fifteenth episode for her to take centre stage again.

On the one hand, it’s great to see her and Sonic interact with a genuine rapport that feels like real people instead of the two-dimensional love interest and will-they-won’t-they that could easily develop. Instead Sonic and Amy have a mutual respect for their abilities and there’s no damsel-in-distress at all.

Whilst nothing more happens to explore Amy’s character; it’s a bit of a shame that the episode leads to another fight with Rough and Tumble. At least they’re still getting some entertaining mileage with the running joke of their names rhyming.

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But knowing that the series has already had a two-on-two fight more than once, Flynn raises the stakes quite cleverly. He uses this time to progress Eggman’s plan: in that the two henchmen turn from bumbling goons to silent T-1000s. The impact of what it can do is felt – it evolves the old Robotnik-puts-animals-in-robot-shells story and matches it with the more sinister interpretation we’ve been seeing.

A brief mention on the art here, as Jack Lawrence conveys the sudden shift in Rough and Tumble with ease. The lack of dialogue, the reveal of the liquid metal like consistency they’ve developed…it’s an impact that works really well.

In a phrase that may as well just be copied and pasted from every other review over the past few issues: this series knows how to cliffhang like it’s in a cliffhanging competition. Building on it’s darker elements of the robotic virus Eggman has been developing, Sonic’s infection with what we’ve just witnessed leads to another avenue to explore. If anything, it may allow the side characters to get more print time whilst Sonic is possibly a Zombot.

Sonic the Hedgehog #15 is now available from IDW Publishing.

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