Transformers #11 – Review

Fighting! Explosions! Megatron freaking out! Starscream being a condescending arsehole! Transformers #11 has arrived and things are finally kicking off.

The story picks up not long after the events of issue #10. Sentinel Prime is unimpressed that Barricade is hiding behind the protection of the Ascenticons and Sentinel makes it clear that he wants Barricade in for questioning. NOW. The problem Megatron now faces is that things are heating up too quickly, too many cogs are in motion and the entire endeavour teeters on the brink of collapse. As the Autobots get ready to secure Barricade, Megatron sends his own team to get him and the Ascenticons stand ready to repel any attempt to breach their HQ. In the midst of all this is poor Bumblebee, his loyalties pulled in multiple directions, still trying to do the right thing even as multiple plots swirl around him.

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The issue ends with the moment we’ve all been waiting for. “THIS is the new face of the Ascenticons,” Megatron thunders in a broadcast being sent out all over Cybertron, “annd it is the face of truth.” All Hail Megatron, indeed, as he reveals their new logo. The logo of the Decepticons. (Also, that looks distinctly like Ratbat in those 3rd/4th to last panels. Not seen him in a long, long time. Actually, hang on, is that Grimlock in the back? That seriously looks like him but there’s not enough detail to be sure.)

This is a thoroughly satisfying issue. The various plots and schemes are beginning to come together, Megatron lays out his manifesto and for the first time advocates violence if that’s what needed, and the Autobots are still scrambling to try and keep things together even as the situation slips further and further from their grasp with every moment. There’s plenty of plot details, action and reveals to keep the reader hooked and eager for more.

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It’s an interesting take on this pivotal moment of Transformer history. The previous storyline that had delved into this time (Transformers: Megatron Origin back in 2007) had painted Megatron as a lowly miner, an idealist, an individual fighting against an oppressive system that stated that your position in society was entirely dictated by what you transformed into, dooming many to lives of manual labour. He was a political dissident, who initially tried peaceful change and only after that failed did he turn to the path of violence.

This new Megatron appears far more devious and while he might preach change as necessary, while he might appear to be advocating for all of Transformer kind, it’s becoming clear that he is only interested in himself and those who follow him. He might have had friends once, but now he has only allies, subordinates and employees, all to further his personal vision.

Roll on #12 in a couple of weeks time.

Transformers #11 from IDW Publishing is available digitally and from comic shops.

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