Sonic the Hedgehog #20 – Review

Sonic the Hedgehog #20 looks to be another action set-piece of an issue that leads to some good character development. It also allows writer Ian Flynn, the characters, and most importantly the audience, to sit back and take stock of the story so far. The commitment to take said story as far it can go is impressive, and it continues to throw future spanners into the works, so the next issue will likely see the works get jammed by said thrown spanner. 

But as this is going on, the episode manages to showcase little moments that breathe character into the supporting roster. Omega steals the show here admittedly, as he gets a couple of funny lines. Silver and Tails get moments that highlight that they’re the more positive characters, too. Chaotix returns for a brief cameo to remind us that one of their ranks is still a Zombot too. 

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The artwork can often get overlooked – purely on a subjective level – in these reviews, in favour of focusing on the story and characterisation. But here there’s a noticeable difference in the way Sonic is drawn. Characters comment on how tired he looks, and it’s easy to tell that Sonic looks like he might collapse and sleep for too long. It’s adding an extra stake and obstacle for Sonic to overcome. 

What’s also apparent is that Flynn appears to remember some of his lingering spinning plates that he’s been playing with in earlier issues and is now beginning to pay off. Dr. Starline, the Eggman fanboy who has become the poster child for “Don’t meet your idols”, begins to plan his own way of taking control of the situation. 

What felt like the first stage of an epic finale morphs into another set-up/plot development yet still feels as if it has some sort of pay-off as it allows the characters to get to grips with the latest development of Zombot virus. 

Sonic the Hedgehog #20 is available digitally and from comic shops.

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