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Cold Feet: 5 more British TV series back from the dead

As Cold Feet returns for another series, we look at other British TV shows that returned from the dead long after cancellation...

Cold Feet returned for a seventh series this month following its surprise revival last year. It perfectly captured the spirit of the original and it’s no surprise that it will be back for more.

We’re in the age of TV revivals, where long dead favourites (mostly) return from the grave. In the US, we’ve had everything from The X-Files to Twin Peaks, but the phenomenon has come to our shores too, and Cold Feet isn’t the only one. Only Fools and Horses, one of the most successful British comedies of all time, is perhaps the most famous (or infamous) revival, but it was by no means an isolated incident.

Set The Tape’s Baz Greenland decided to take a look at five of the other British TV shows which have returned from the grave, some with mixed results…

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