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Cold Feet: 5 more British TV series back from the dead

As Cold Feet returns for another series, we look at other British TV shows that returned from the dead long after cancellation...

Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who

If there was any show anywhere that returned from the dead and was more popular than Doctor Who, I certainly missed it. When Russell T. Davies revamped the series for modern audiences in 2005, with a new 45-minute episode format and inspiration from modern shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it brought back Saturday night family television in a big way. It showed that Billie Piper could be a good actress and reintroduced Daleks and Cybermen to the modern consciousness.

Now it is even more popular than ever, a big hit across the world – including the States – and under the reigns of Davies and later Steven Moffat we have had some phenomenal television, not to mention some amazing leads in Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. The show’s 50th anniversary in 2013 was a massive global hit and now the show is still going strong, with a new female Doctor in Jodie Whittaker, under the tenure of Chris Chibnall, looking to ensure Doctor Who remains just as huge for many years yet…

Did we miss any major British shows that came back from the dead? What do you think of Cold Feet’s new series? Let us know in comments or on social media.

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