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Fear The Walking Dead: Who won’t make it out of Season 3?

Dan Taylor theorises who may not survive the latest series of Fear the Walking Dead...

This article contains spoilers for The Walking DeadFear the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead can be absolutely brutal when it comes to killing off anyone from its core cast! Only last season did the show kill off fan favourite Glenn Rhee and it’s fair to say that spinoff Fear the Walking Dead is no different.

In the first two seasons, the show offed Travis Manawa’s ex-wife to a zombie bite and then his sociopathic son Chris was shot by two outsiders who the father and son had gotten mixed up with. And if the show doesn’t jump the shark in the second half of Season 3, we have to assume they finished off the family after Travis was shot and fell out of flying helicopter in “The New Frontier”.

With no one safe, Set The Tape lists our Top 5 most likely candidates to suffer a bloody end in the second half of Season 3…

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