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Fear The Walking Dead: Who won’t make it out of Season 3?

Dan Taylor theorises who may not survive the latest series of Fear the Walking Dead...

Troy Otto

We know from both shows that rarely do severely unhinged characters survive long term, whether it be Chris Manawa or the parent show’s Shane Walsh. I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise who we’ve picked for the top spot.

As soon as we met the psychotic mummy’s boy Troy Otto (Jackson Robert Scott) in the Season Premiere “Eye of the Beholder”, it was fair to assume his days were numbered. If the show had decided to move away from the Ranch at the end of the half season then Troy would already be dead. With Madison’s bid for power at the Ranch still ongoing, and potential for further fallout with Walker’s Hopi tribe, it was more than enough reason to keep Troy around.

But as he continues to become more unpredictable, and if Madison’s bid for leadership of the ranch is successful, she may see Troy as an unnecessary liability so we predict that Troy will meet a grizzly end during the shows season finale.

Do you agree with the list above? Who would you pick? Are you enjoying the new season of Fear The Walking Dead? Let us know in comments or on social media.

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