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Queen Vic in Cinema: Judi Dench and who else?

Tony Black takes a look at the other Queen Victoria's in cinematic history...


Another celebrated British Dame and one of the earliest well-known actresses in British film, Anna Neagle played a young, eighteen year Victoria, in a film timed to commemorate a century since the beginning of Victoria’s reign in 1837 (she died in 1901 after spending almost 64 years on the throne, a record only surpassed now by Queen Elizabeth II). Released the year of her great-grandson King George VI’s coronation, it concentrates on the early years of her reign and her marriage to Prince Albert, then moves forward to focusing on ruling after Albert’s death in 1861.

Neagle went down so well in the role she returned, a year later, in a sequel, Sixty Glorious Years, though it wasn’t nearly as well received.

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