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Queen Vic in Cinema: Judi Dench and who else?

Tony Black takes a look at the other Queen Victoria's in cinematic history...


Arguably the first major motion picture in many years to give a strong, modern portrayal of Queen Victoria, rising star Emily Blunt tackled the role of the young Queen in Jean-Marc Vallee’s picture based on a script from Downton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes. Backed by a strong supporting cast of well-known British thespians, it was one of the films which put Blunt on the map as a major British female talent, and Fellowes made an effort to seek historical accuracy in portraying the young life of Victoria and her marriage to Albert, played here by Rupert Friend.

It was nonetheless criticised for inaccuracy in the details upon release, though it was relatively well-received by critics and Blunt’s performance in particular was praised.

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