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Queen Vic in Cinema: Judi Dench and who else?

Tony Black takes a look at the other Queen Victoria's in cinematic history...


An unusual one, this. Pamela Brown portrayed the film in Alice au pays des merveilles, a French adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s legendary novel Alice in Wonderland, a film which blended live action and stop-motion animated puppets used to portray sequences in Wonderland. Brown played Victoria in live-action scenes but also voices the evil Queen of Hearts in the animated sequences, though this creative choice led to the film being banned in the UK as the representation of the Queen of Hearts was seen as too close to that of Victoria herself. It also caused some controversy given Disney were developing their own animated version of Carroll’s story at the same time and sued to prevent an English-language version in US cinemas, successfully.

Eventually released in the US in 1951, it subsequently flopped and both the film and Brown’s portrayal have remained little seen since.

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