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American Horror Story: Ranking the Seasons

Emma Platt ranks all six previous American Horror Story seasons...

5. Hotel (Season 5)

Aka, the one with Lady Gaga. Loosely based on an actual hotel built by complete psycho nut job H.H. Holmes, this season saw Wes Bentley take the lead role, and while capable enough, Jessica Lange’s departure feels like a gaping wound in the show. Gaga is stunning, nonetheless, as The Countess, a role which saw her win a Golden Globe. There’s a definite ‘Asylum’ feel about the fifth season, but for some reason the stories never seem to weave and gel together in the way the second season manages. ‘Hotel’s best scenes include Gaga, the complicated, glamorous and vampiric Countess who owns the hotel. This is the type of the role perfect for this generations Madonna, allowing Gaga to stretch her acting wings while keeping hold of the eccentric weirdness that has been her trademark.

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