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American Horror Story: Ranking the Seasons

Emma Platt ranks all six previous American Horror Story seasons...

4. Roanoke (Season 6)

Murphy tried something new with ‘Roanoke’ to breathe new life into the show. Twenty-seven teaser trailers were released, all with potential different themes for the sixth season such as alien abduction, the Antichrist and an orphanage. The entire plot was kept under wraps until the first episode premiered. In a change, there was no opening credits as the first half of the series was a reenactment show called ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’, which told the story of a married couple’s paranormal experiences in their isolated home. The season shifted after six episodes, bringing the cast of the show and their real life counterparts together to return to the house. Murphy made a smart choice by not overloading the stories when he was already trying so much.

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