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American Horror Story: Ranking the Seasons

Emma Platt ranks all six previous American Horror Story seasons...

1. Asylum (Season 2)

‘Asylum’ should not work. It just shouldn’t. You think it would get weighed down by its own absolute batshit mentalness. The season includes Nazis, Aliens, Mutants, a serial killer, demonic possession, Anne Frank and sadistic doctors. ‘Asylum’ sees Paulson at her series best as reporter Lana Winters, committed to the Asylum for being gay in a time and a place when homosexuality was considered a mental illness. There are twists, turns and shocks. In the midst of all the madness, Lana has her own personal battle with creepy as hell Zachary Quinto and her urge to escape. If the creation of mutants in the basement, miraculous pregnancies and “Bloody Face” wasn’t enough, just watch episode 10, ‘The Name Game’, in which Lange and the other inmates burst into song, and as crazy as that sounds, it doesn’t feel out of place. ‘Asylum’ is AHS at its most mental, twisted, dark best.

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