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Victoria and Abdul: 5 other Royal dramas in cinema

Tony Black talks several other Royal dramas to rival Victoria & Abdul...


In what seems to be a trend for Royal dramas on screen, another play was adapted for the memorable Nigel Hawthorne-starring The Madness of King George in the mid-1990’s, with Nicholas Hytner directing Alan Bennett’s screenplay adaptation of his own successful play. More directly than either of the two previous examples, Hytner’s film tells the true story of late 18th century monarch George III in darkly comic tones, given the picture depicts his mental health in sharp decline around the period of the Regency Crisis in 1788-89. Hawthorne gives a bravura performance of powerful eccentricity as the ‘mad’ monarch, making the most of Bennett’s customary tragi-comedy, and inevitably was a critical success which picked up numerous Academy Awards and BAFTA nominations.

Interestingly, the title above was changed for American audiences from simply The Madness of George III, presumably because the less intelligent among punters may have been wondering why they missed The Madness of George’s I and II!

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