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Victoria and Abdul: 5 other Royal dramas in cinema

Tony Black talks several other Royal dramas to rival Victoria & Abdul...


Speaking of George’s. The King’s Speech — probably the most celebrated Royal drama in recent years — focusses on the incumbent King George VI (father of our current ruling monarch) who battles to overcome a profound stammer with the help of Geoffrey Rush’s inspiring Australian speech therapist. Colin Firth comforts himself with the requisite dignity of a man who never expected to be King (thrust upon him after the abdication of his brother Edward VIII to marry Wallis Simpson) under Tom Hooper’s luxurious direction, building to a slightly jingoistic but enjoyable climactic beat as George overcomes obstacles to read a country-defining wartime speech in 1939. As you might imagine, awards and honours followed with the picture cleaning up at the 2011 Academy Awards after receiving 12 nominations, as well as being a commercial success with audiences.

Oddly, a significant backlash exists against The King’s Speech among film fan circles, with many asserting it is overrated and mawkish. Are they right?

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