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Designated Survivor: Who’s Who for Season 2

As Designated Survivor returns for Season 2, Tony Black breaks down who's who...


The main man. Thrust into the political limelight suddenly after Capitol Hill is destroyed in a terrorist bombing, Tom Kirkman rockets from being Under Secretary for Housing and Development (HUD Secretary), a nobody on the Washington rung, to the most powerful man in the world in one night, when the entire government are killed in the attack and as the titular ‘designated survivor’ in this extreme scenario, he becomes the only man able to be sworn in as President. Oh, what a night!

The first season has Kirkman struggling with this awesome, unexpected responsibility, questioning whether he’s the right man for the job, and trying to balance some semblance of a life with his wife Alex, a human rights lawyer, slightly off the rails son Leo, and sweet young daughter Penny. While standing up to rebellious General, obstinate Congressmen (and women) and trying to form a new government, Kirkman also has to contend with not just the hunt for the bombers, but the reality of a deeper conspiracy on American soil which halfway through the series unsuccessfully tries to assassinate him.

Season Two will see Kirkman face his greatest challenge; continue forming a new government, while hunting terrorist billionaire Patrick Lloyd, the man responsible for the attack, attempting to destabilise the White House from within. Can he succeed and become the President everyone hopes he can be?

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