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Designated Survivor: Who’s Who for Season 2

As Designated Survivor returns for Season 2, Tony Black breaks down who's who...


Another lowly staffer given the opportunity of a lifetime, Seth Wright was a speech writer who has an awkward run in with Kirkman in a men’s room, bemoaning the new President without realising he’s talking to him! The earnest, dry-witted, honest Seth is soon recognised by Kirkman as being someone he can trust, and makes him his chief speech writer as he takes office, to Seth’s amazement.

Aaron soon gives him another promotion, recognising he would make a great Press Secretary after watching him cover for a staffer who fails at the job. Seth now is the front guy for White House press conferences, but a couple of run-ins with journalists (such as old-flame Lisa Jordan) have made him weary about trusting the press.

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