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Designated Survivor: Who’s Who for Season 2

As Designated Survivor returns for Season 2, Tony Black breaks down who's who...


Given Kiefer is busy off being President, it’s left to Maggie Q to step into the role of hardass, resilient, dogged super cop Hannah Wells, an FBI agent who immediately becomes caught up in the aftermath of the Capitol bombing after learning a Congressmen she was having an affair with died in the bombing. Personal stakes driving her, Hannah begins investigating and begins to steadily uncover a deeper, darker conspiracy which suggests Al Sakar, the Middle Eastern terrorist group who claimed responsibility, may not have been responsible and the lone survivor of the blast, soon to be Vice-President Peter MacLeish, could well be linked to the real culprits.

Over the season, Hannah becomes the one true north of the investigative side of the series, doggedly exposing the key players alongside ill-fated FBI Deputy Director Jason Atwood, and in places Kirkman himself. With even more reason to take down Lloyd and his conspiracy, Hannah is likely to be ever more facing danger in pursuit of answers.

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