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5 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Is Still Worth Watching!

AMC’s The Walking Dead regularly comes under a lot of criticism and many online sources such as Forbes, Cracked and Deadline were panning the show particularly as viewing figures hit a five year low with the Season Finale last April. While it’s not always been easy street, the cult show still has a lot to shout about! So here are five reasons why The Walking Dead is still worth watching…

5. Richonne

One of the apocalypse’s most dynamic couple Rick Grimes and Michonne’s relationship has slowly developed over the past two seasons but the indications were always there. Even from the moment the pair met there was clearly a spark between them and the long drawn on looks between their introduction and that fateful night in Season 6 foreshadowed what was to come. Even when Rick briefly got together with ill-fated Jessie, we knew who Rick really needed to move on from his late wife Lori. In the comics many of Michonne’s storylines were given to Andrea but the clear lack of chemistry between Laurie Holden and Andrew Lincoln and the characters early demise in Season 3 meant that Michonne was destined to become the future Mrs Grimes.

4. Maggie’s leadership

One good thing to come out of the death of Glenn Rhee is the empowerment and strength it gave it his widow Maggie. British raised Lauren Cohan has always been one of the shows strongest actresses bringing multiple layers to the complex character balancing humour, heart break, happiness and sorrow all often within a single episode. Maggie has given us a number of great storylines but often they relied on her relationship with Glenn so now she’s fighting her battles alone, the show can take her to the next level. Already showing the signs of a strong and dynamic leader, it’ll be interesting to see how she takes on the role of leader of Hilltop now Gregory is seemingly out of the way!

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