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5 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Is Still Worth Watching!

3. Rick Grimes

For many Rick Grimes is The Walking Dead! The thought of killing him seems unthinkable and surely his demise would see the end of the show, so with that in mind I know there is still plenty to come from everyone’s favourite zombie killer. Andrew Lincoln has undeniable chemistry with a number of his fellow actors including his opposite Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays the psychotic Negan and it will great to see them share the screen a number of times more in the new season. It’ll also be interesting to see what extremes Rick will go to take the world he believes is rightly his!


2. All Out War

One of the comic books most memorable storylines that spanned Issues 20-21 sees Negan’s “Saviours” attacked by Rick’s army made up of the communities from Alexandria, the Hilltop Sanctuary and the Kingdom. We know things are likely to happen a little differently than in the comics as the like of Andrea and Abraham are no longer with us but it’s possible that other characters will fill the roles they’ve left vacant.

1. Negan

Still probably the most menacing villain on television, Negan has a lot of ground still to cover if the comics are anything to go by. So far Jeffrey Dean Morgan has offered up some of the most spine chilling performances on the box namely in his debut episode at the beginning of Season Seven and his positively creepy scenes with Carl in “Sing Me a Song” where Negan showed the audience his truly sleazy side blurring the lines between warped father figure and twisted predator. We know Negan can be totally unpredictable and if we’ve learnt anything we know to expect plenty of twists and turns ahead. One thing’s for sure his beloved Lucille will definitely be busy in Season 8!

The Walking Dead returned to the UK on Monday. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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