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American Assassin: 5 More Espionage Thrillers to Seek Out

With the release of American Assassin, now in cinemas, we thought it would make sense to glance back at the espionage thriller sub-genre at the movies...

RONIN (1998)

One of the final films from the great John Frankenheimer, Ronin is by far and away one of the best espionage thrillers of the 90’s, known primarily for its stunning car chases across Paris and Nice which line up with the best of them, from The French Connection to Bullitt. It lacks the head-smacking, poised brutality of the aforementioned thrillers to come, but David Mamet’s script crackles with tension between Robert de Niro and a top-drawer cast of international thespians as layer upon layer is peeled away from a dark and sinister world of post-Cold War mercenaries. Clever & thrilling.

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