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American Assassin: 5 More Espionage Thrillers to Seek Out

With the release of American Assassin, now in cinemas, we thought it would make sense to glance back at the espionage thriller sub-genre at the movies...


A seminal piece of 70’s cinema, Fred Zimmerman’s adaptation of Fredrick Forsyth’s 1971 novel introduced the world to one of its most iconic assassins: the Jackal. Edward Fox is graceful and chilling as the mysterious international killer looking to take out Charles de Gaulle in 1963, and the film sets the tone for many of the pictures mentioned above by forensically constructing the Jackal’s mission and the police hunt on his tail, with no easy answers by the end. A half-hearted stab at a remake happened in 1998’s The Jackal but this remains the touchstone, and one of those cold 70’s thrillers that marked its decade.

What are your favourite action thrillers from the espionage genre? Which films did we miss on our list? Let us know.

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