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American Assassin: 5 More Espionage Thrillers to Seek Out

With the release of American Assassin, now in cinemas, we thought it would make sense to glance back at the espionage thriller sub-genre at the movies...


Strangely only the second, and final, Jack Ryan picture starring Harrison Ford as Tom Clancy’s all-American hero from a legion of novels, tracking Ryan from his days as a lowly intelligent analyst all the way to President of the United States. Clear and Present Danger, a follow-up to Patriot Games in 1992 from Philip Noyce, sees Harrison in full, noble Ford mode as a middle-aged Ryan battling a Colombian drug cartel and, as ever in modern espionage, some shady government actions which go all the way to the White House. Though glossy and politically of its time, it’s very well constructed from start to finish. Just a shame Harrison didn’t play Ryan much more.

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