Best Of 2017… Games (so far)

Andrew Brooker takes us through the best games (so far) of 2017...

We love a list here at Set The Tape. Any excuse for a retrospective is a good one and seeing as we are on the cusp of video game silly season (aka that time of year that sets games upon us at a rate so thick and so fast that your average gamer’s head will spin), it seem like the perfect time to remind you of the slew of excellent games we’ve already seen in 2017.

The list is in no way exhaustive. While many would argue differently, 2017 has had an astounding amount of excellent games released to various degrees of fanfare. This list covers just a few of our favourites.


    1. I would have loved to have put it on there, but I sadly haven’t played it.
      It’s tough trying to cover a bit of everything when you can’t justify the cost of a third console to yourself the same year the One X is going to be released.
      Sorry. 😢

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