Best Of 2017… Games (so far)

Andrew Brooker takes us through the best games (so far) of 2017...

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Platform: PlayStation 4
Developer: Guerrilla Games

Announced to equal parts surprise, glee and pessimism back at E3 2015, Killzone developer Guerrilla Games announced they were moving from more than a decade of making linear, corridor shooters, to developing a massive open world RPG.

Even fans of the Amsterdam based, Sony-owned developer were a little uneasy at the reveal. Several gorgeous trailers relieved some of the pressure but it was a nail-biting race to release day for a lot of players. Thankfully nothing could prepare us for just how great a game rose from the ground when it finally hit shelves in February.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Horizon gave us control of Aloy, a young outcast in a tribal world where enormous machines roam the gorgeous, luscious vistas, robotic dinosaurs attack at a moments notice and corrupt other machines as they go, and much more. In this world of pseudo-religious zealotism, these tribes cause more harm to the world than good and Aloy, whether she likes it or not, is possibly the only one capable of stopping yet another apocalypse.

Okay, so Zero Dawn, even once it’s explained, is a bit of a silly name. But outside of that, it’s a near perfect action RPG.


    1. I would have loved to have put it on there, but I sadly haven’t played it.
      It’s tough trying to cover a bit of everything when you can’t justify the cost of a third console to yourself the same year the One X is going to be released.
      Sorry. 😢

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