Best Of 2017… Games (so far)

Andrew Brooker takes us through the best games (so far) of 2017...

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developer: Capcom

Another release from the very beginning of the year. Hitting shelves back in January (usually a time for quiet, under the radar entries that publishers would rather forget) Resident Evil VII is the game no player will be able to keep from their top ten of the year once we get to December.

We heard a lot of people telling us how “Resident Evil went back to its roots” as a sea of positive reviews poured in, much to everyone’s surprise. You can admit it: you were as worried as the rest of us after Resident Evil 6 became an action film you needed a controller to watch. But in less than ten minutes, we found ourselves in what could only be described as a hillbilly nightmare. The kind of which we haven’t seen since Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes.

It is a game of two very distinct halves, in the early hours of which will have you creeping around the rundown house of the Baker family, who are three generations of swamp-dwelling sociopaths whose creepiness is only outdone by the house they live in. It may possibly be the most nerve-shredding few hours you will experience in a game this year. The second half amps up the action stakes but maintains the jump scares, whilst the entire experience is ramped up to near lethal degrees if you own a PS VR.


    1. I would have loved to have put it on there, but I sadly haven’t played it.
      It’s tough trying to cover a bit of everything when you can’t justify the cost of a third console to yourself the same year the One X is going to be released.
      Sorry. 😢

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