Best Of 2017… Games (so far)

Andrew Brooker takes us through the best games (so far) of 2017...

Starcraft Remastered

Platforms: PC
Developer: Blizzard


Not quite twenty years after its initial release, the world’s favourite real-time strategy game is back and looks more beautiful than ever.

There’s no denying that Starcraft is a fan favourite in the genre but talk to anyone that’s ever spent more than a couple of hours playing it, whether regular RTS players or not, and they’ll tell you there’s something mesmerising about this game. The completely ‘out there’ story of humans fighting against dinosaur-like Zerg and the technologically superior Protoss is simply stunning. Giving us the experience of playing as each race, slowly and carefully learning the idiosyncrasies of each species, is put together in a way that can only be described as perfect.

To give that spectacular game and its Brood War expansion a 4K lick of paint and some extra story telling comic-book style strips is an addition that, whilst not necessary, once you play it, feels like something you’ve been waiting years for. And if nothing else, it’s an upgrade to the now free-to-play Starcraft and Brood War. If you’ve never played them (where have you been?) get to it.

Did we miss your best of the year so far? Your surprise hit of 2017? Or do you think we are completely off our rockers with our choices? Join in the conversation and let us know.


    1. I would have loved to have put it on there, but I sadly haven’t played it.
      It’s tough trying to cover a bit of everything when you can’t justify the cost of a third console to yourself the same year the One X is going to be released.
      Sorry. 😢

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