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Kingsman: The Secret Service – Top 5 Moments

Baz Greenland considers the top five moments of the original Kingsman movie...

Shoot The Dog

This is the scene that proves just how much integrity Eggsy has, proving his mettle as the film’s leading character, by standing up to Michael Caine’s Arthur and refusing to commit one final action even though it will admit him full entry as a Kingsman. When confronted with the order to shoot his pug dog, Eggsy refuses, giving up a life of glory and a return to his old life in a rough council estate in London.

Vaughn delivers a scene that is both tense and amusing, the wide eyes of Eggsy’s dog making even the hardest soul waver. The fact the gun was loaded with blanks is inconsequential; Eggsy didn’t have that knowledge and chose the life of a dog, even though that meant giving up everything he had fought for.


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