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Kingsman: The Secret Service – Top 5 Moments

Baz Greenland considers the top five moments of the original Kingsman movie...

The Drink Switch

And of course, this is followed by the scene where a cunning Eggsy, still reeling over the death of Colin Firth’s Galahad, realises that the world is in great danger and rushes back to seek the counsel of Caine’s Arthur. The film delivers another bold twist as Eggsy notices the scar behind Arthur’s ear and realises that the big boss has been in league with Valentine all along.

We see just how ruthless Arthur is, revealing that he has poisoned Eggsy’s drink to silence him. Cue the drink switch, Taron Egerton playing a cool, suave agent in the making as he uses his street skills to reveal he swapped the drinks and played Arthur all along. “You dirty little fucking prick” Arthur snarls before dropping dead. It’s Eggsy’s best moment so far, but saving the world is still to come.


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