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Kingsman: The Secret Service – Top 5 Moments

Baz Greenland considers the top five moments of the original Kingsman movie...

The Church Scene

The pub fight scene proved that Kingsman: The Secret Service could balance classic Bond pastiche with brutal violence, but nothing could have prepared us for the sheer, unadulterated bloodbath of the church scene. Galahad’s investigation into Valentine leads him to the baptist church in Kentucky (which admittedly looks like Milton Keynes), just as the Samuel L. Jackson’s villain activates the SIM guards and incites feral rage in the church goers.

The pub fight was childsplay compared to this, a stunning choreography of violence and bloodlust that leaves the audience’s mouths hanging open even on repeat viewing. An infected Galahad shoots, stabs and bludgeons his way through the mass even as they tear each other apart. The sequel – and indeed any film – will be hard pressed to beat this insane, beautiful, brutal cacophony of violence.

And then after everyone is dead, a victorious Galahad’s stumbles out of the church, is confronted by Valentine, and shot in the head. Talk about brutal…

Do you agree with the above choices? Are there other moments you would have added to the list? Just how many top moments does this film have? Let us know in comments below or via social media.


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