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Kingsman: The Secret Service – Top 5 Moments

Baz Greenland considers the top five moments of the original Kingsman movie...

Manners Maketh Man

I almost considered adding the entrance of Sofia Boutella’s Gazelle and the death of Jack Davenport’s Lancelot at the ski lodge to this list; it’s a moment of pure classic-Bond ballsiness. But entertaining as it was, the film really didn’t kick into high gear until this magnificent scene, where Galahad’s attempts to recruit Eggsy are rudely interrupted by the street gang working for his mother’s abusive boyfriend.  When they give lip to Galahad, he demonstrates to them – and the audience – what a Kingsman is really made of, and it’s bloody marvellous!

It is such a stunningly choreographed fight, from the moment Galahad smashes the pint glass into one of the faces of his abusers to his skill with his unfurled umbrella, beating each gang member to the ground without breaking a sweat. What’s even better is that this blast of violence is crossed with Colin Firth’s very ‘British’ aristocratic portrayal. It is so unexpected, particularly from the man  probably best known as Mr Darcy or Bridget Jones’s love interest. In fact it was such a great scene, it replays at the very end of the film, this time with Egerton’s Eggsy in the role.


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