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Lucifer: Five TV shows that star the Devil

Jenn Reid, as Lucifer Season 3 debuts on Amazon Prime, looks at five other Devil-starring series...

TV’s Lucifer is coming back for a third season of devilish hijinks. Despite being the literal devil, Lucifer is the hero of the show – he still indulges in all earthly sins, of course, but he gave up his throne in Hell and spends his time torn between his evil roots and the inherent goodness of humanity.

Lucifer, Satan, the devil: whatever you call him, he typically isn’t a likeable guy, nor is he usually such a central figure in a show. Usually, when the devil joins your cast, he’s playing a dark entity, a trickster, a conniving villain, an unstoppable force, etc.

The devil can be a memorable, scene-stealing character, so as Lucifer returns we thought we’d look at five more TV series that have taken the leap and put Satan onscreen…

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