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Lucifer: Five TV shows that star the Devil

Jenn Reid, as Lucifer Season 3 debuts on Amazon Prime, looks at five other Devil-starring series...

Reaper (2007 – 2009)

The Devil isn’t just a one-off antagonist or a late-developing villain in Reaper, he’s what puts the whole show in motion. Sam’s parents offered their first born son to the Devil way back before they even had a son to offer, and now he’s come to collect. Sam is forced to become the Devil’s bounty hunter to track down lost souls.

Since this is first and foremost a comedy series, Reaper uses a much lighter touch for the Devil; while he’s still very much what we see in pop culture (trickster, conniving, people sell their souls to him), he’s very human and acts more like a disapproving father figure to Sam. Season Two hints that he is, in fact, Sam’s biological father, but that is neither confirmed or denied on the show.

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