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Lucifer: Five TV shows that star the Devil

Jenn Reid, as Lucifer Season 3 debuts on Amazon Prime, looks at five other Devil-starring series...

Lost (2004 – 2010)

Lost is a show that used religious imagery consistently throughout its six-year run. Some theorize the Island itself was purgatory, others that it was the Gates of Hell (mystical Island being Jacob described it as a “cork holding back the evil”), and the series finale ended with everyone literally sitting in a church, waiting for the white light. Despite the overt Christian theme, the show never went as far to name anyone as God or Satan, but few could argue that the Man in Black was representative of the Devil.

The Man in Black was the twin brother and foil to Jacob, the Island’s mystical leader who was a force for good. By contrast, the Man in Black was a shape-shifting entity that appeared as the Smoke Monster or by manifesting as dead people, usually to trick and manipulate. He was trapped on the island because Jacob believed he would destroy the world, which definitely gives credence to the ‘Gates of Hell’ theory.

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