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Lucifer: Five TV shows that star the Devil

Jenn Reid, as Lucifer Season 3 debuts on Amazon Prime, looks at five other Devil-starring series...

South Park (1997 – present)

South Park’s Satan is 100% a unique figure. He’s depicted like a cartoon Devil would be (red, horns, hooves for feet, massive, etc.) but without the personality to match. Satan is vulnerable and self-conscious, especially about his romantic relationships with Saddam Hussein and later, a new boyfriend named Chris.

Satan is a long suffering romantic partner under Saddam’s abusive and manipulative thumb is central in South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, but that’s not all! Throughout the TV series he pops in with his schemes to conquer Earth, conquer heaven or just beat Jesus in a rigged boxing match. There is definitely no other devil like South Park’s Devil.

Who is your favourite TV Devil? Will you be watching the new series of Lucifer? Let us know!

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