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Lucifer: Five TV shows that star the Devil

Jenn Reid, as Lucifer Season 3 debuts on Amazon Prime, looks at five other Devil-starring series...

Supernatural (2005 – present)

First of all, yes this show is still on. There’s probably at least one girl you knew in high school who watches it, and I guess there’s enough of those to keep this show running well past its prime. Lucifer was of course going to show up on a series with demons as its central conceit! Early on the show’s run it introduced Hell, angels and God, and the devil was quick to follows. He’s been a villain throughout several seasons, and as the ruler of Hell and father of all demons, probably won’t be killed off permanently as long as the show’s still on the air (probably forever).

The Devil here follows biblical Christianity fairly closely, as he was an Archangel created by God, who was eventually cast out and became a fallen angel. His powers are seemingly endless: he can possess people, is immortal, omniscient, superhuman strength, can kill people with literally a snap of his fingers… makes you wonder how he hasn’t conquered humanity yet.

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